Metal Materials We Work With and Manufacture

Metals are a major part of the world industry, and their process often requires laser cutting services to help manufacture products and parts in different vertical markets. If you’re in one of these markets, you’re perhaps looking for a laser cutting service company locally or nationally to enjoy quality metal parts manufacturing. It’s not always easy to find expert services in this niche, but you’ll find certified expert services with us.

USLC Laser has become a leader in metal parts manufacturing throughout Colorado, the southeast states and Europe. What kind of projects do you need done in your market sector? If you use, – carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass we, at USLC, can provide custom fabrication services like few others.

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Metal Cutting and Parts Manufacturing

Understanding the demands of the global economy, USLC Laser offers complete expertise in specific laser metal cutting and manufacturing techniques.

One of these is plate laser cutting, a powerful process cutting all types of metals while reducing labor hours. We use TRUMPF laser cutting machines, one of the most robust laser equipment brands in the world. You might better know these machines as CO2 lasers and fiber lasers.

Regardless of which cutting process you need, our ULSC team performs with quality, speed, and tracing procedures that are top-tier, letting you create precise metal parts for anything from electronics to heavier industries. Some other metal cutting processes USLC Laser uses are the following:

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    Tube laser cutting – which allows more rigidity and quality in any metal structure. This process helps tremendously in reducing welding times.
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    Metal bending services – with ten controlled bending machines. The force of press on our machines can handle up to 320 tons.
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    Sheet metal fabrication – for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Thanks to ISO 3834-2 certification, you’re assured quality welding and cutting.
Industries Served

You’ll be amazed at how many vertical markets our USLC Laser team serves. One with high demand is the renewable energy and packaging systems markets. We also cover agricultural equipment for those of you working in the vastly important farming industry.

Of course, the automobile industry turns to USLC often to help cut metals of extreme thickness. They get many customers from overseas rather than just Colorado, and our far-reaching services allow them to find quality metal manufacturing regardless of their location. Even if you’re located in another state or country, USLC is available to help with all your metal projects.

Some other markets we work with:

  • Energy –Solar and wind power- for high performance products and renewable energy space
  • Construction – for complex building projects using all types of metal
  • Transportation – to help with vital projects in government or in private enterprises
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft tooling
  • Elevators

Contact us at USLC to find out more industries we serve. If your industry isn’t listed, we can develop a strategy to meet your metal manufacturing needs.

Benefits of Working with USLC Laser

The comprehensiveness of the processes and technologies our USLC team uses already gives you numerous benefits regardless of your industry. However, we are a global leader in metal manufacturing for other reasons, as well.

Our strongest suit is the quick turnaround time when you need a project done now. We’re fast and decisive, giving you immediate results. We are also very flexible, allowing a lot of custom projects you can’t easily accomplish through similar companies.

Thanks to using the latest cutting machines, you won’t have to worry about hiring someone who works with antiquated equipment. We offer world-class results you can’t find even in other countries. USLC has certification by ISO 9001, ISO TS: 16949, ISO 9100, ISO 3834-2, UNE EN 1090-3, and OHSAS 18001, more than proving our expertise. Prices are competitive as well, giving you a chance to enjoy quality work without having to pay more.